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Idemand: Global Voices from COP26

Faced with the consequences and threats of the current climate emergency, young people are realising the time to ask for change has run out. The time has come to make demands to global leaders, corporations and government bodies, to make real and effective change towards a more sustainable world they will be able to live in.

The People’s team went to the COP26 climate summit last November, and recorded live demands of young people from all over the world - from the Green zone to the protests on the streets of Glasgow.

We compiled our interviews into a video and a digital publication - including a foreword by Filipino climate activist Mitzi Jonelle Tan, and a closing statement by Teofilo Kukush Pati, representative of the Wampis indigenous Nation from the Peruvian Amazon.

In the lead up to the global climate summit and during, climate crisis, the role and responsibility of nation leaders, and the 1.5 global warming limit received a huge amount of press coverage. But 5 months on, the momentum has dwindled, whilst the consequences of climate change only keep worsening.

Download our digital publication here to see the real demands of young people, demands who are yet to be responded to or listened to properly.

Share your demands to global leaders, corporations and decision makers on social with #idemandthecampaign, and keep the momentum going.


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