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about us

The People is a creative company powered

by a global community of 150+
diverse changemakers.


We exist to amplify the voices of 

young people and help brands build 

a better world

We exist to amplify the voices of 

young people and help brands build 

a better world.

We work at intersection of research, strategy and creative. We are the outsiders in the playing field that will help you uncover fresh and stand out solutions to communicate with young people.

 Our  mission  is  to  unleash  the  creative potential  of  young  people.

We bring the two worlds




 We  believe in the power of People.

People, not consumers.

People, not targets.

People, not users.



Human beings with unique hopes, dreams and aspirations,

coupled with doubts and challenges.


The People never makes assumptions.


We rely on the truth:  what young people want to see in the real world.

meet the team





Founder + 

Managing Director

ex-Youth Insight Lead at Dentsu, UN Climate Change Advisor and Forbes CMO Network Contributor.

Project  Manager

ex - Producer for BBC, Boom Cymru (Albert Sustainable Production), BFI and The Stylist 

Social Media & community executive

Graduate with a degree in Drama and Theatre.  Passionate for all things creative and a curious for the world. Samira is proudly Deaf, and making it a mission to make everything as accessible as possible. 

Business development executive

Ex-Research and community executive at Feedback Global, passionate about creating a more sustainable food system.

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