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How to get people to share their stories? Hajra's projects have allowed her to learn from people

This week, we explore how Hajra's side hustles and passion projects allow her to meet and learn from new people.

Introduce yourself?

Hey everyone, I'm Hajra, a student based around London. I'm a bubbly person who is always working on a project and connecting with other young people!

What's your vision?

I'm currently working on my photography business @deluxeshots_ and a podcast that is to be released in September 2023 @genzletstalks give both pages a follow to see what's upcoming! Both of these projects have already allowed me to meet so many new people who have inspired me.

What inspired you to start?

The aim of the podcast is to empower Gen-Z and to provide a platform where we can openly discuss key topics in the media including politics, mental health and our future. I will be inviting many guests to discuss their life experiences and to provide advice and tips on navigating the world at a young age.

Check out Hajra's work ✨


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