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How Can Gen-Z Use Financial Tools To Navigate The Future?

This week, we explore personal finance with Ola, Founder of All Things Money.

What's your role?

I am the founder of All Things Money. All Things Money is a personal finance platform that teaches young adults how to financially survive adulthood. We are taught so little at school or university about how we can manage our finances effectively, which is why I decided to create the platform to help young adults myself instead. I started All Things Money back in 2020, and we have now grown to an online community of 21,000+ people!

What has been the biggest change in the current economic situation?

The biggest change I think we have all seen is the increased price of everything!

From food, to clothes, there’s been no escaping inflation sadly. I’ve had to review my outgoings to see if there is anything I can cut from my current budget to help reduce my current outgoings. I’ve also tried to increase my income by adding extra income streams to my business.

What do you think is the biggest limitation for young people?

The biggest limitation for young people is the lack of personal finance education. Without this, we are left to try and survive adulthood ourselves. Most young people manage to figure it out, but for some, they may struggle with debt, or find themselves in difficult financial situations. Financial literacy is key to avoid situations like this, so it’s a huge shame that financial education is still not being taught in schools!

What advice would you give to young people during the cost of living crisis?

My #1 tip would be to create a budget! This is because a budget allows you to see where you’re currently at financially. My 2nd tip would be to start building an emergency pot of savings. Having an emergency fund is crucial in the event of an emergency such as job loss, last-minute travel or even home repairs.

You never know when that pot of savings will come in handy in the coming months! My final tip would be to find creative ways to increase your income. With the current cost of living crisis, we can no longer afford to rely on one source of income. If you can, you should try and multiply your income streams. Whether that is starting your own side hustle, or taking part in online surveys, and paid focus groups, every bit of extra cash made, can really help you in the long run.

Check out @allthingsmoney for more advice on financial literacy.


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