TikTok: Don't Be Late

“My ultimate goal when creating a song is for it to
eventually get the meme treatment”
Supa Dupa Humble


So TikTok is the app that many have heard and very few are using, at least most people over the age of 15. If Facebook is where you parents are posting your embarrassing baby pictures and Snapchat is where your older brother is posting for his friends and known circle about his night’s out that you’re not old enough to go yet then TikTok is where you go to make, share and scroll through short videos with people you probably don’t know around the world.

1.     Tools for creation

There are so many tools at the disposal for creators to create amazing content using a mammoth number of sounds, song clips, videos and moments from TV, YouTube and other TikToks. Young users are making things for online earlier and earlier and are using these tools to let their imagination loose and entertain the world.


2.     Share and borrow

TikTok users engage with each other by making videos for their friends, in response to friends or alongside them in a collaborative environment with friends as a duet. With this being so encouraged and supported gathering a sizeable audience is well within reach and small specific communities are easy to find without having to put high production quality and effort into it. 

3.     Building for the short term 

When trying to utilise a social media network the first thing people plan and aim for is building a loyal audience, posting flawless images and moments, portray the lifestyle of the rich and famous or making it lucky with a viral video gone wild. TikTok however, encourages jumping, switching and exploring different audiences, trends and hashtags while maintaining the inside jokes, instant feedback and quick sharing that you get in your private friend groups online that are hidden from most brands.


Unlike other platforms, TikTok and its users don’t take themselves so seriously (just yet) for most it’s an escape from other apps to just mess around and get away from feeds riddled with sponsored content, unattainable lifestyles and the chore of crafting a perfect moment that often lends itself as a breeding ground for envy. The app is already proving to show it’s a catalyst for launching new products and even music careers through challenges using comedy, absurdity, and the rough edges as it launch pad.