Musical Review Themes: Olds Souls & New Minds - Rapsody, Kano + Burna Boy

This is a collective of themes that can be found in previous Musical Reviews for Rapsody - Eve, Kano - Hoodies All Summer and Burna Boy - African Giant.

  1. Artists have a responsibility.

    They have taken up roles as ambassadors for their generation and seek to be an inspiration and educator for the generation coming up behind them.

  2. Music has the ability to live forever.

    All act as reminders that we shouldn’t forget and be aware of the realities of what is going on right now.

  3. Remember where you’ve come from.

    They honour the ones that have done it, they acknowledge and appreciate that they’ve done it and let listeners know that they can do it too. All as they actualise themselves as peers among the greats that they once looked up to.

  4. Words hold power, but meaning is everything.

    Albums like these require time and dedication to listening to each and every word because each one contains meaning that changes perspective and provides insight.

  5. Connect first, them make impact.

    They empower the audiences that they represent to come together, understand their worth and realise the truth about who they really are and therefore can be.