Musical Review: Kano - Hoodies All Summer


Kano’s latest album ‘Hoodies All Summer’ is nothing short of what long standing fans have come to expect from ‘an elder statesman of UK rap’ since his debut album ‘Home Sweet Home’. The album challenges its listeners to ask tough questions of the streets, youth and pain within UK society from the perspective of a big brother that sees ‘optimism and hope’ through it all. 

Featuring fellow East End legends, Ghetts and D Double E who all once featured together in N.A.S.T.Y. Crew (Natural Artistic Sounds Touching You)  bring raw energy and talent to the album on ‘Class of Deja’ with back-to-back instant classic lines like: 

Timeless and definite flow
And try nuff a take a man’s throne 
Make a man know
My man’s tekkers is cold
Class of Deja

As a social commentary, Kano offers a reminder of both the painful and joyous realities of those that have come or are from where he has been. Like a middle man for both worlds these 10 songs ‘tear down stereotypes and assumptions to reveal the humanity and bigger picture of life in London’s toughest quarters’.

All our mothers worry when we touch the road
'Cause they know it’s touch-and-go whether we’re coming home

- Trouble

A different take on what is usually reported in the media he wants listeners to know that ‘we’re resilient people and there’s always room for a smile and to celebrate the small wins, and the big wins’. 

You can't hold us down, no matter what you do to us, you can't stop us. We’re a force, you can't stop us creatively. I want more for you: I’ve made it through, I want you to see what I’ve seen. It’s about everyone having the opportunity to see more, so they’ll want more, to feel like they are more
Can't Hold We Down